Alan Soria

Before I started designing for the commercial furniture industry, I used to make one of a kind handmade furniture. I loved being in the workshop building and experimenting but I realized that I could only produce very few pieces a month. The opportunity to make mass production furniture arose and it pushed my imagination to design with all sorts of materials and support from big manufacturers with top notch equipment and technology; I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Every time I design something new, I try to let the piece speak for itself; there must be an element that when you look at the piece it makes you think or provoke some sort of reaction; otherwise it lacks identity. There are emotions between the creator and the creation; the best part of designing is the whole process of how it starts as an idea in your head and ends up as a three-dimensional working piece that can last for decades.

‍ I get emotionally attached to every single piece I design, it’s like a baby that I created in my mind. Every day I challenge myself by pushing the boundaries of design on what can be done mass production wise without compromising aesthetics, details, as well as functionality.

I love what I do and hope you can have a different perspective and appreciation of furniture as you experience my world.